Utility for displaying different types of content that can be removed from the screen.
import { Dismissible } from "@uicapsule/components";
import type { DismissibleProps } from "@uicapsule/components";
Works with any content


Dismissible provides a children slot with a reserved spot for the close button.

<Dismissible closeAriaLabel="Close banner">
<Placeholder />

Dismissible has a media variant for displaying media content that can be removed from the screen. It will move the close button away from the edges of the media content and will use a different variant of the button.

<Dismissible variant="media" closeAriaLabel="Close banner">
<AspectRatio ratio={16 / 9}>
<Image src="/img/examples/image-retina.webp" width="100%" />

If you want to hide the close button conditionally, we're providing a hideCloseButton property. That should help you simplify the conditional rendering implementation.

<Dismissible hideCloseButton>Dismissible content</Dismissible>


In components like Modal or Popover, you would usually like to display its title with Dismissible but make the rest of the content full width. To achieve that, you can group Dismissible with other components.

<View gap={3}>
<Text variant="body-strong-1">View title</Text>
View content


  • When using Dismissible with a close button, you should also provide the closeAriaLabel value to make the close button accessible.